Native Instruments 04042477257071 Maschine Mikro Komplete Drum Controller MK3

04042477257071 Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Komplete Drum Controller

Interface Type: MIDI Interface, Brand: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, Bundle Listing: No, Suited For: Home Recording, Type: MIDI Interface, UPC: 04042477257071

NATIVE 04042477257071 Drum Controller Description

Take your music further mikro already contains a selection of inspiring sounds from the acclaimed maschine library to get you started. Roll off the highs for a thick, murky veil, or use resonance to create sounds that float into self-oscillation infinity. Dial in the sound you want until hit sweet spot. This can be necessary even if windows reports them as up to date.

Komplete: go deeper with the worlds leading production suite. Plus it comes with full versions the popular Cynthy's massive, Monk, and reactor prism. Upgrade to komplete 12 select and get top INSTRUMENTS effects, plus three expansions for a huge saving over the combined cost of everything included. 77, weight: 1.

Drum beats in pad mode, with color coding for kicks, snares, and other sounds. Apply a brake' to sound, then scratch with it just like on vinyl. From electronic and acoustic drum kits, to guitars, basses, organs, great sounding Fax more you get everything need start creating, right out of the box. Additional information:supported interfaces: stand-alone, vst2 64-bit, audio units Ajax 64, Asia, core audio, and WASP.

Serious tools. Quickly load and swap sounds find, audition, sounds without stopping the music. This beat-mangling effect adds creative dynamics like glitches, fills, and expressive pitch-bending crescendos to drum patterns more.

Mks: access hundreds of INSTRUMENTS and Fax from industry leaders like Arturo, waves, output, all certified to work seamlessly with maschine mikro. 2017 I DJ now. Stutter: turn the intensity up, and down again with stutter. Ring: built on a carefully selected bank of ring modulators, adds bell-like quality to melodic sound sources.

Give your library a level-up ready to up game. Upgrade the full maschine factory and komplete 12 select at any time creativity boost. Dual-touch smart strip let's you slide your fingers to strum INSTRUMENTS, bend sounds, use perform Fax, and more. Snare: thick, harsh, bold, deep, filtered create any electronic snare imaginable. Switch between engines to achieve different sounds, tones, and textures.

Re so echo: a complex resonant echo with advanced feedback and saturation that verge on psychedelic tendencies. For getting down ideas fast. More expressive find new ways to express yourself. Maschine mikro makes it easy to get started.

Maschine mikro is USB-powered for maximum portability. Four ways to input sound using the 16 pads drum in pad mode, play melodies keyboard create chord progressions and program a classic step-sequencer from step mode. Slide your fingers to bend sounds, strum INSTRUMENTS, or go wild with perform Fax like stutter and echo. Expansions: from hip hop to techno, grime house, get genre-specific packs by top artists and sound designers perfect for kick starting creativity.

About us payment shipping terms returns more items. Same software as maschine mk3 studio jam includes 25 pro-quality and creative Fax including filter, eq, delay, re verb, compressor. Toms: craft a full set of tom sounds using three engines. Hi hats: no samples here.

Whats included each maschine mikro mk3 retail box includes: 1 NATIVE INSTRUMENTS drum controller specifications: system requirements:Marcos 10. Or load any of the pro- designed presets to dial in bass sounds for genre, from booming subs dripping acid. Switch to keyboard mode play melodies with the pads. Use the software on its own or as a vast, audio unit, Ajax plug-in all major Dawes including able ton live, pro tools, logic pro, and fl studio.

Meet maschine mikro, your flexible, compact companion for making music with a laptop. My store about us FAQ policies save seller NATIVE INSTRUMENTS maschine mikro mk3 komplete drum controller item description for the music in you. Use it to tap out beats, play melodies, and build up tracks fast, fun, hands-on. Access more functions: quickly handy functions like quantize, undo, and copy paste via the 16 pads shift button.

Burst echo: warm, versatile, and with plenty of character this effect is designed for spontaneous splashes echo. Massive: the original heavyweight synthesizer, perfect for heavy basses, piercing leads, and dreamy pads. Mikro gives you four different ways of getting hands-on with your music using the 16 pads. Powerful mixer, arranger, and sampler for full creative control over your tracks.

Cymbal: the crash engine delivers everything from a 909-like to more acoustic-sounding cymbals. Perform Fax: eight creative effects for enlivening your sounds, including stutter, burst echo, scratch er, and fl anger with them using the smart strip. Play with sounds in new ways add creative flourishes to your beats and melodies the smart strip. Explore six plug-ins for designing kicks, snares, hi hats, toms, percussion, and cymbals, so you can make your drums sound exactly as they do in head.

16 large, velocity-sensitive pads for easy two-handed drumming. More simple the controls you need, where need them. Choose from nine engines, plus a dedicated clap engine for both electronic and acoustic claps. Small size.

47 lbs two retail locations one massive warehouse thousands of items in stock fast free. Use on its own, or in your maschine mikro gives you everything need to get creating music, and it also works as plug-in able ton live, logic pro, cu base, fl studio, any other compatible DA a vast audio unit. Shape realistic sounding acoustic toms to add warmth your track. Mikro is optimized for making music with a laptop, letting you focus on what matters: getting ideas down fast.

Shape and refine your samples using the powerful editing tools in maschine software. Using the additional plate re verb, tweak a knob or smart strip to hand-pick individual notes and keep them ringing into stratosphere. Morph seamlessly between waveforms from sine to saw square create your own unique sounds, with no programming knowledge required. For melodies.

Kick: start with a perfect kick the foundation of your tracks. Maschine requires activation: activate using the serial number on fl yer inside box. Browse through your favorite INSTRUMENTS, and load samples, projects kits. Instantly add expression with multiple modes, rate, and depth ranges, use the stereo knob to create auto-pan motion effects.

Strong, responsive attacks that taper off into hazy trails are perfect for dub and can also be tweaked more extreme sound design. The ride engine can be adjusted to sound as if cymbal is being struck on its edge or bell. Fl anger: a comb filter effect with more than few tricks up its sleeve. Play with inspiring sounds and foxy'll find inspiration using the selection of premium sounds, samples, INSTRUMENTS, Fax included maschine mikro.

Filter: an analog- model ed high, low, and band-pass filter capable of raw, natural-sounding results using saturation resonance. Plus creative tools like grain-delay, ice verb, and freq shifter for adding color to your sounds. Or use the pitch shifter delay to thicken sound and create alien-sounding sweeps. Chain effects together, and combine them with your own vast Au plug-ins for unique results.

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  • interface type: Midi Interface
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  • suited for: Home Recording
  • type: Midi Interface
  • types: Drum Controller


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Used. US Seller. Native Instruments MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 MIDI Drum Controller: like new and has only sustained minor cosmetic damage. "1/Undo" button can take a bit more force to press, but still functions properly. Does not come with any software. +$14.95 shipping
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New. US Seller. Maschine Mikro Mk3. Powered via USB 2.0. USB 2.0 Port, 3 GB free disk space for Maschine Essentials (full Maschine software plus 1.6 GB Maschine Factory Selection), 1 GB free disk space for Massive, Monark and Reaktor Prism.+$18.35 shipping

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