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24AI-24AO Interface Description

In addition, each MOTU AB device can broadcast sixteen 8-channel network streams and simultaneously listen to 128 channels out. Technical specifications sample rates and IOS. The mixer provides 7 stereo aux buss es, 3 groups, a re verb bus that can alternately serve as 4th group, main mix and separate monitor solo. 32-bit floating point processing virtually infinite headroom the mixing and DPs effects engine in 24AI 24AO employs processing, which produces for complex calculations, along with an infinitesimally low noise floor.

Both units include three 8-channel ad at optical banks, for a total of 72 channels each 24 analog plus 48. Four independent mix groups let you control drum stems, background vocals, or other input on a single channel strip with 4-band eq and the masterworks leveler model ed after la-2a optical compressor. Model ed analog eq and compression vintage processing with 32-bit floating point precision British mixing consoles are renowned for their musical profiles. Instead, cost goes directly towards achieving the highest possible networking performance for your dollar.

5a max mac system requirements 1 Hz Intel-based or faster 2 GB ram 4 more recommended OS x version 10. Over 512 channels of network audio AB is designed to handle hundreds a. Access hardware settings from a simple and convenient menu. Model ed analog eq precise and musical equalization British mixing consoles are renowned for their profiles.

The only difference is that you use AB switches instead of Ethernet routers, and a higher grade cables shielded cat-5e or cat-6, which are affordable easily purchased wherever networking supplies sold. The 24AO offers twenty-four analog outputs. Support for multiple computer hosts a MOTU AB network can host as many computers be physically connected, with complete access by all to connected devices and audio streams. Guaranteed quality of service OS AB rescues stream reservation protocol provides for each and every audio.

The 24AI and 24AO meticulously model these classic Esq to give you very same, magical eq response found on coveted desks. Manage audio routing with convenient 8-channel stems and ultra-low latency. Web app control on-board DPs, mixing, device settings, and network audio routing from software running in your favorite browser on a laptop, tablet or smart phone connected by wire WI-fie to local area. When adding the ultra-low converter latency of MOTU AB interfaces, that's an incredible 1.

Matrix routing and splitting put the ultimate patch-bay at your fingertips with one on grid, you can route any source signal to destination. At 96 khz, the total latency is less than 1 ms. By design, bandwidth is high, latency low, and audio streaming guaranteed to be uninterrupted. Its Ethernet MASH for pro audio AB networking works very similarly to regular.

Includes routing to and from the computer, plus any devices on AB network. The 24AI 24AO mixer large console mixing from your laptop, tablet or smart phone if you know way around a console, you'll feel right at home. No licensing fees because AB is an open industry standard specification, there are expensive that must be passed on to you. Web app control everything from your laptop, tablet, and smart phone the software that you use to 24AI 24AO doesn't reside on hard drive.

The heart of la-2a is t4 op to-coupler, a photoelectric device with almost magical signal dependent self-adjusting behavior that makes optical compressors tool choice for smoothing out just about any audio material, from vocals to bass guitar full-program mixes, without destroying perceived dynamics. What does AB mean for you. In a nutshell, audio networking gives you two important benefits: 1 flexible, convenient control of your entire system from any web host on the same network MASH even WI-fie devices like an iPad or iPhone, and 2 endless possibilities expanding constructing customized installation. Broad compatibility with future-proof connectivity hi-speed usb 2. 24AI analog input at 48k 24AO output samples a d 12 6 fag in 4 out DPs total system expansion add 2nd MOTU AB interface 24AI, 24AO, 1248, 8m or 16a with simple cat-5e Ethernet cable.

Here are just a few ideas. The 48 inputs can take signal from anywhere: physical on 24AI 24AO interface itself, audio channels host software your computer, network streams, or even mixer outputs. MOTU AB networks do not require pie slots. 625 ms fixed, even over 7 hops switches and hundreds of meters cable.

Better yet, a MOTU AB network provides one- synchronization: the become clock master button in web app for device you choose as master, and all other devices on immediately resolve to it. True plug-and-play operation a MOTU AB system has been designed from the ground up to provide automatic device discovery, enumeration, and connection management. Monitor mix solo bus convenient dedicated monitoring the is specifically designed for. MOTU 24AI 24AO 48-channel usb interface combo get more information about this product, our shipping charges jrr shop accepts returns for exchange money back khz or 12 channels at audio 24 of analog, plus three 8-channel banks digital I o the offers twenty-four balanced analog inputs in a single rack space.

1 audio video bridging AB extension to the Ethernet standard is now shipping as a feature in every MOTU interface, ready have an immediate, positive impact on your pro work flow. The fourth group includes a re verb processor. Connect up to five MOTU interfaces using a AB switch sold separately. Port a large hard drive at least 500 GB for recording web app support any client platform: mac, windows, Linux, IOS, android browser: safari, fire fox, chrome, opera, explorer, etc.

Introducing the 24AI and 24AO two new audio interfaces, each with 24 analog channels in one rack space, superb quality, AB networking, large console mixing 48 12 stereo buss es are members of MOT Us high-end interface lineup that includes 1248, 8m 16a. Build in system redundancy with ease. Jrr shop adds a signature requirement to all orders over 250 in value. Long cable runs a single AB network connection can be up to 100% meters with standard copper wire cat-5e or cat-6.

0 port a large hard drive at least 500 GB for recording windows system requirements support is coming soon help 1 Hz Pentium-based PC compatible or faster 2 ram 4 more recommended 8 later available high-speed usb simultaneous audio channels 24 high-quality, balanced analog inputs 24AI outputs 24AO on three banks of multi-channel connectors d-sub and phoenix, plus 8-channel ad at optical 48 digital. AB audio networking fulfills the promise of a truly professional, scalable standard that can change way you think about I o and distribution for your own specific needs. Large-scale commercial installations with long cable runs and industry standard networking infrastructure, MOTU AB systems are well-suited for such as arenas, stadiums, theme parks, clubs, casinos, houses of worship, broadcast facilities, schools, universities, so on. Please message us immediately if you wish to remove the signature requirement from your order.

Make input and output assignments in the routing grid easily with one. Audio desk 4. This gives you control of your AB devices from anywhere in facility and access to the Internet for instant firmware updates served MOT Us cloud servers. 29 ms from analog in to out, over seven switches and potentially hundreds of meters network cables.

4, 192 khz 24AI analog inputs 24 channels balanced unbalanced 3x db-25 d-sub and 6x 12-pin phoenix max level: dub digitally adjustable -96 to 22 24AO analog outputs balanced, dc coupled 20 -24 db digital I o 3 banks ch of ad at optical at 1x sample rates 3 12 smux 2x rates total 48 72 4x computer 1 x usb 2. Perfect for monitor mixes when tracking in the studio. Control your system from multiple devices at the same time, any OS platform mac, windows, Linux, IOS, android, etc. Thunderbolt is available in the 1248, 8m and 16a.

Just plug your MOTU AB interfaces into a standard switch and go. Scalable concert systems integrate Foch mixing, in-ear monitoring, and recording with long cable runs 100% meters network wide accessibility. Compatible with usb 3. 29 ms precision timing and network-wide sync AB provides its own time base for better-than-sample-accurate phase lock across all connected devices.

As a true industry standard, it is not proprietary and controlled by one company, allowing for open interoperability across devices brands, with consistent, non-disruptive adoption of refinements to the specification, evolves. AB audio networking build a network with multiple interfaces and computers using standard switches cabling, ultra-low latency, even over long cable runs 100% meters point to. Includes audio desk workstation software with 24-bit recording, sample-accurate editing and 32-bit mixing mastering. Aux bus mixing long-throw fade rs for sends the tab let's you zero in on a single and control send levels with fade rs, just like hardware consoles that let temporarily flip to channel help perfect detailed any.

Web interface and wireless control MOT Us AB system can be controlled from software, which runs within any browser running on networked laptop, tablet, or smart phone MASH even over WI-fie. You can even split any single input or stereo pair to unlimited multiple output destinations. Eq model ed after British analog console Esq this means you can control the on-board DPs, mixing, device settings, and network audio routing from web app software running in your favorite browser on a laptop, tablet or smart phone connected by wire WI-fie to local area. Model ed vintage effects processing classic re verb.

The levelers controls match front panel of original la-2a: gain reduction and makeup knobs, along with limiter compressor buttons. An open industry standard AB has been developed by the Eire as international specification for transporting high-bandwidth, low-latency audio and video over Ethernet. Dynamic ranged n 24AO line out 123 db -110 24AI in 110 -102 ultra-low I o latency state-of-the-art performance every digital audio work flow has some. Web client must be connected to the same network as MOTU AB interface by wire or WI-fie.

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