Rme ADI-2-PRO-FS Adda Converter Femtosecond Clock Dsd Dsp 4260123363079 Onboard Usb Mac Ios

Adi-2 Adi-2-pro-fs Rme Pro Fs Adda Converter Femtosecond Clock Dsd 4260123363079

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RME ADI-2-PRO-FS Converter Clock Description

The main PCB is an extraordinary 10 layer design with custom copper thickness, guaranteeing finest undisturbed sound as well ample but separated power for phone outputs. And ts unable. The anniversary converter the ADI-2 pro is RME rescues reference ad da converter, usb ADC, interface and headphone amp. Analog out XLR Baal.

Analog in 4 ch. The two, fully separated stereo headphone outputs deliver same 120 Dba NR performance as line outputs, for a full hum and noise free listening experience. Professional features such as ms processing, stereo width and phase reversal up to full control storage of all settings are included, well RME risque famous spectral analyzer, a 30-band bi quad filtered analysis tool offering unprecedented musical visualization, perfectly complementing the high-resolution UPS display. 5 watts - per channel.

Two premium daces are used for separate stereo outputs. Manual ADI-2 pro fs: latest version always on line. Under windows the ADI-2 pro uses REMs deface series driver, for full edm and Asia compatibility highest performance. Lockable dc connector.

It rescues numerous use cases make an ideal choice in many fields, from the home user appreciating innovative solutions offering highest sound quality, studio owner asking for reference ad da conversion, hi-fie enthusiast demanding a flexible yet high-end headphone amplifier, up to industry using portable device as front-end measurement systems. Analog or digital - options galore the ADI-2 pro includes two servo-balanced inputs on combo XLR trs jacks, separate balanced and unbalanced outputs ts, stereo extreme power headphone the front, an optical pdif I o that also understands ad at, coaxial rca Ase via included breakout cable. 1 ohm output impedance, a maximum level of 22 dub, and power. Including an external switched power supply with lockable connector, the ADI-2 pro can be easily powered from battery, opening up mobile applications as well galvanic ally isolated use cases.

And RME rescues latest steady clock fs technology ensures perfect jitter reduction stable clocking, no matter if internal or external clocks are used. The 4-channel ad-converter, supporting 786 khz sample rate and dsd recording, is used in a dual mono design, with 3 db improved signal to noise ratio. Thad is far below -100 db. Extreme power headphone outputs there is no use in boasting about -110 db Thad, when such values are not available real world operation - for example a 32 ohm connected.

This universal set of I o options offers superior quality and flexible connectivity to those who take a no-compromise approach audio. 17 gig flops MIPS, delivering enough computing power to work even at 768 khz sample rate. As REMs engineers were not satisfied with the existing techniques they developed a new advanced balanced mode for ADI-2 pro, that removes most limitations of standard operation, and turns this into fully experience. 9673, firmware update: updates the ADI-2 pro to version 180 dsp 88 shown on display during boot khz for bit test via usb, Ase and pdif ad at with edm Asia.

The only capacitors in signal path perform dc protection at analog input sockets, and have been carefully selected to avoid any sonic impact. The extreme power design also incorporates current limiting, surveillance, overload detection and dc protection. Specifications adjournment- RME -2 lockable : power supply for ADI-2 pro. For easy operation a high quality sample rate converter has been added, switchable to the Ase or pdif input, solving any clocking problem between those.

Selected sound plus operational amplifiers maintain highest NR, lowest Thad and high slew rate under all conditions. Perfect sound capture and reproduction aiming for the absolute reference sound, any detail in ADI-2 pro is special has its own story even at full power, most clear detailed sound stage possible. Deictic compatibility with mac os x comes right out of the box. Internal audio processing like Esq, cross feed and spectral analysis, is done by a high performance dsp with 2.

A unit with the industry rescues biggest footprint per feature ratio, excellent tech specs, crystal clear and transparent sound signature, two extremely powerful headphone outputs. Robust and light-weight switching power supply, 100% v-240 v ac, 12 2 a dc. 20 years of RME - simulated into a precious unit, that once heard and used one will never give away. Mes anniversary reference ad da converter is: a high-end in professional studio quality double headphone amplifier true usb ADC like no other - the most versatile and capable one front end for iPad iPhone multi-format Ase, pdif, ad at with monitoring function dsd record playback solution an audio measurement at up to 768 khz sample rate as flexible available, ADI-2 pro offers balanced unbalanced analog I os, extreme power outputs, steady clock fs, 4-stage hardware input output level control, dsp-based signal processing, external supply operation, class compliant compatibility, rates well direct whole circuit design is fully symmetrical throughout dc-coupled.

3mm flat connectors driver and software windows driver: for 7 to 10. A low power mode and high are provided, for perfect match from OEM up to planar. Outputs ad at or pdif I o optical Ase Eb and coaxial 2 extreme power headphone usb. Bit test Wave files: stereo files bit, 44.

The exclusive advanced balanced mode delivers a signal path from ADC straight to phone, with 3 db gain in noise ratio, smoothed out deviations components, optimized frequency response, super low output impedance 0. High resolution display operation RME have incorporated many unique features, not found on any comparable devices, like 5-band parametric Esq for fully individual phone compensation, adjustable bass treble controls with quick access, a bin aural cross feed function, loudness filter, selectable ad da filters, four discrete I o reference levels, auto level setting, balanced mode, and more. Having two stereo outputs, balanced headphone operation is possible.

0 port is fully class compliant AC 2 for connection with compatible ios devices, and also used firmware updates. The display is not only used to control unit, but also shows warning and guidance messages. RME ADI-2 pro fs 2-in 4-out ad da converter with femtosecond clock new experience in sound and quality RME rescues anniversary reference is a host of devices all put together into one unit, simple mostly automated way using it right out the box. The extreme power design excels with 0.

Connectivity 2 ch. Bo968 : digital breakout cable 9-pin d-sub to 2 x XLR and rca rm-19-x 19 rack adapter, mounted on the sides of ADI-2 pro uni rack universal rack mount adapter tub for two 9. 71: stereo- and multichannel level meter, analyzer, bit statistics noise, itu1770 geometer, surround totals. Internal power supply stages and precise regulators use a super-low-noise design to not degrade performance through the rails.

REMs engineers therefore designed a new headphone output stage that brings the full performance of premium ADC to phone jack - even when using low impedance headphones. 5 devices auto : cable for connection to car lighter socket auk battery operation 6. As a computer interface the ADI-2 pro offers stereo 2 in out and multichannel mode 6/8. 2 ohms, and a maximum output level of 28 twenty eight dub.

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