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Cb-axeioat5-hcd Cb-axeioat5-hcd-in Ik Multimedia Axe Amplitube Max Bundle Iloud Micro 8025813859036

Brand: IK MULTIMEDIA, Type: USB Audio Interface, MPN: CB-AXEIOAT5-HCD -IN, UPC: 8025813859036


Axe I o offers a simple, streamlined re-amplification setup in single box, to save you time, money and energy open up unlimited sonic flexibility for all your guitar recordings. Axe I OS patent pending z-tone circuit let's you dial in impedance from 1 mo hm sharp down to 2. Symmetrical m design for superior imaging and precision iloud uses a mid range-tweeter-mid range design, with pair of 3. UL IK e the 20 Hz bass response in budget interfaces, axe I o captures full impact of even deepest and won't artificially cut off sounds above khz.

IK MULTIMEDIA iloud m high-resolution compact studio monitor your music as you ve never heard be fores micro monitors stunned an industry. 4 khz and 192 khz power : dc in device connection usb b-type 2. Axe I o offers an exclusive triple-topology, fully discrete input circuit, with both pure and jet stages, to go from transparent tube-l IK e just a single switch. Iloud mt ms design also offers exceptional sound dispersion, enhancing the transparency and neutrality of what you hear.

39 x 160mm 6. 5 db 96 khz sample rate dynamic range : 116 a Thad n -106 at -10 dB's line inputs 1-2 configuration class-a discrete differential receiver, tip hot input impedance 20 ohms differential input level, min gain is obtained with 26 dub signal the trs input max -24 input frequency response from Hz to 32 within. That's why the tone and responsiveness of your guitar can change so much when plugging into different gear. Second, two dedicated controller inputs let you connect up to expression pedals or single double switches control amplitube, any other software, in real-time while playing.

5 db 96 khz sample rate dynamic range : 115 a Thad n -102 channels 3-4 crosstalk 112 output configuration unbalanced, floating, with selectable ground lift output impedance 100% ohms output level dB's corresponds to -6 response from 10 Hz 32 within. We charge a 15 restocking fee on returned items only if the item is clearly used and or packaging tarnished polypropylene custom made mid-woofers hf driver : 1 low distortion, back chambered silk dome tweeter acoustic design DPs tuned bass reflex number of amps per speaker 2 amplifiers type high efficiency class-total power 100w myself 70w ramify 30w linear phase variable order crossover frequency 3. The end result is an unfocused stereo image, blurry transients, and overall lack of detail. A slight mid range focus adds warmth, giving you more tonal options from the same instrument.

This low-noise out also eliminates ground loops, to keep even the highest-gain re-amplification as quiet possible. 1 khz frequency response : from 50 Hz to 24 khz - 2db 40 -6db when un cal, -3 db cal phase system remains coherent within 200hz 20 khz sensitivity at 4dbu 0dbu signal generates a 100% spl 1 sensitivity -10dbv -11 dummy maximum 1m, one speaker playing, on axis 103db up sine wave, 95db 100hz sine, 93db pink noise placement setup manual switches for FL extension, trim, hf desk positional extension switch sets -3db point of the frequency 40, or 60 half low shelf, down hf high -2db 8khz up desk -4db 160hz and 1db. With amplitube midi learn function, just right- on any parameter you want to control, move the pedal, and it assigned. Pure : a completely transparent and ultra-accurate instrument preamp that won't color your sound in any way.

And of course its loud, with 100w RMS total power per speaker 103db spl maximum sound pressure, delivering the pr oven volume iloud brand is known for. The ship cost we paid to your item will be deducted as well. Free shipping only to the lower 48 states. This broadcast-ready suite provides you with precision peak, RMS and dynamic range meters, spectrogram, real-time analyzer, phase correlation meters more.

First, a preset knob let's you quickly and easily scroll through amplitube presets. The product of OKs 20 years experience in digital signal processing, advanced processing inboard helps iloud m deliver sound far beyond anything its size or class. Special orders, discontinued products, close-outs, used etc. The result is a stunningly firm, balanced and defined low end, to surpass sound of speakers even twice iloud mt ms size.

Theres also a dedicated tuner on the front panel, making it easier to tune in between takes. 5 db 96 khz sample rate dynamic range : 112 a Thad n -100 mic inputs 1-2 configuration class-a discrete differential microphone preamp, pin 2 hot input impedance 4 ohms differential input level, min gain dB's is obtained with 12 dub signal at the XLR input max -37 input frequency response from Hz to 32 within. Every element of axe I o has been created with no-compromise quality and real-world usefulness. If an item is refused by the buyer, ship costs to and from destination in which was shipped are not refunded.

Two floating balanced outputs, unbalanced and one out plus a high-current headphone let you connect monitors, mains headphones, with independent volume for both. Plus axe I o includes a dedicated out, so you can process your recording with real guitar amps and stomps without the need for external accessories having to unplug existing connections. Please contact us for a return authorization before returning any items. Once you hear iloud MT, ll find it hard to ever go back traditional big-box speakers.

With iloud MT, you can be confident your monitoring is optimized for rooms acoustics, so mixes will translate better. A monitor knob makes it easy to blend direct monitoring and the audio from your computer for zero latency. Also, items which we do not normally stock i. Please note, in some cases return shipping can cost as much double the original ship.

At the maximum impedance, you ll find your sound tighter, sharper and more precise. Tone and feel l IK e you ve never heard guitar pickups can dramatically change their character depending on the impedance of your preamp. 5 db 96 khz sample rate dynamic range : 116 a Thad n -106 at -1-2 crosstalk 115 line outputs 3-4 configuration unbalanced output impedance 75 ohms output level dB's corresponds to 16 response from 3 Hz 32 within. Output impedance : 150 ohms balanced, 75 unbalanced output level dB's corresponds to 21 response from 3 Hz 32 khz within.

You can mix for hours with no ear fatigue, and the work create will translate better than ever. Pure mic preamps for transparent recording when it comes to with microphones, axe I o offers two designed and clean. Active : bypasses unnecessary gain stages when using pick-ups, to keep your signal path as direct, transparent and clean possible. Combined with their symmetrical design and phase-coherent response, iloud m allows for ultra-focused accurate monitoring anywhere.

Shipping fees to all other locations will be calculated individually and added customer invoices. That's higher than most other tilting monitors, too often can't actually reach the needed angle for a desktop or close-listening setup. But that's just scratching the surface. Items that can not be returned include: software, units with contents or packaging is damaged missing, and are considered for personal use such as earphones, headphones, microphones, instrument mouthpieces, harmonicas other you wouldn't want to purchase if someone else had previously used them.

Superior monitoring, metering iloud m also gives you the t-racks 5 suite for free upon registration. Please note the cost of return shipping is usually double what original ship. Its a couple set of tools to manage all the aspects your audio material with reference-class accuracy. But they re essential to capturing the most accurate details of your performance, for coaxing best performance from instrument, and keeping sound pure transparent.

They offer 116 db of dynamic range, for ultra-quiet sound perfect recording even the most delicate instruments, but make it easy to also pull back and record loudest stack. But many musicians simply dont t have that luxury. Increase the load and sound becomes more thick bold. Your guitars golden channel axe I o main offers 3 different circuit topologies that means you have options to adapt any type of guitar, pick-up and so can always dial in the perfect tone from instrument.

24-bit, 192 khz conversion and an ultra-stable, low jitter internal clock ensures the highest fidelity, whether you re capturing vocals, acoustic instruments, amplified guitar or just direct signal for use with amplitube. Re-amplification made easier than ever many guitarists have tried to integrate their amps and stomps with recording setups only discover its not an easy task. The result is iloud MT, and it changes everything about sound, accuracy convenience of reference monitors in to days modern studio. Proudest is also not responsible for any taxes, local duties, or fees outside of the USA and those are included in sale price ship charge.

Iloud m debuts OKs new patent-pending physical response lionization Perl system, that uses a precise model of the enclosure design, construction and materials, combined with Electra-mechanical measurements real units, to correct system performance in time. This convenient plug-in can be inserted on your master bus or any single track so metering is as professional monitoring. We strongly suggest that you check your order after receiving it to be sure is in proper working. It also minimizes the ear fatigue caused by traditional 2- or 3-way designs, where different frequencies arrive at your times.

Producers and engineers at every level marveled the performance coming from such a small setup, so IK challenged our team to push its concept even further - design new compact speaker rival 5, 6/8 monitors. DJ gear instrument live sound recording microphones headphones accessories software lighting bundles authorized dealer - full warranty IK MULTIMEDIA axe I o amplitube 5 max bundle iloud micro monitors computer interface pair of studio deal description product for and m package includes : 1 x premium audio with advanced guitar tone shaping the players were waiting since we pioneered effects model Inga in 2002, has spent more time studying than possibly anyone else on planet. Items must be returned with all original packaging as well included. Axe I o brings all that experience to you.

5 db 96 khz sample rate dynamic range : 117 a Thad 0. We operate a 30-day return period. 5 db 96 khz sample rate dynamic range : 110 a Thad n -104 headphones out output impedance virtually ideal source zero ohms until clipping maximum output level 12 dub into 50 load approx 180 MW frequency response from 3 Hz to 32 within 0. In some cases restock fees and ship costs can be applied as a store credit.

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